NASA Internship Program

Megan Collins
Marshall Space Flight Center
(Virtual) Summer 2020

Under the guidance of my NASA mentor, this experience was my first exposure to the world of computer engineering and programming. NASA's internship program provided access to other NASA employees and interns, and provided numerous opportunities to learn about being a professional engineer at NASA. It was also exciting that my internship session coincided with two important NASA events: the launch of the Crew Dragon and Perseverance rover. I've always dreamed of working for NASA, and this experience exceeded all of my expectations.

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Kelly Shelts
Ames Research Center
Summer 2019

I'm working with the Rotorcraft Aeromechanics Branch in the Acoustics Group. Our branch has 60 interns and represent almost all 50 states (plus Puerto Rico).

I've been working heavily with data analysis techniques to characterize rotorcraft acoustic data. Also, with the acoustics group, we've designed and conducted tests in the 80- by 120- Foot Wind Tunnel to identify and remedy systematic errors.

Lucas Webb
Ames Research Center
Summer 2019

Some of the things that I've been doing is researching how varying Azimuth angles affect the performance of a co-rotating rotorcraft. This could be applied to future rotorcraft including Mars Helicopters. We also took a trip down to Armstrong flight research center to tour that base, as well as tour the Spaceship Company. They told us a bit about White Knight and had one of the test pilots talk to us about what they do and show us the simulator used to train them.

Bradley Collicott
Langley Research Center
Summer 2019

During my summer internship with NASA, I’ve worked on advanced vehicle concepts with some of the most passionate and talented engineers in the world. Through my work at NASA Langley Research Center, I am personally contributing to the development of a high-speed vehicle platform in collaboration with an international design team. My time in Virginia has afforded me the opportunity to meet incredible friends and mentors while developing my skills as an emerging leader and contributor to the aerospace industry.

Daniel Varner
Ames Research Center
Summer 2018

I thought the internship was a very rewarding experience; I learned a lot and met many wonderful people. It was
fun and exciting to have my own project and to research as I thought best, but sVll have the resources and helpful
people around if I needed assistance. Although most interns had individual projects, everyone was willing to help
work through issues, regardless of experience in a particular area. The collaboration helped make the workplace fun to be in, even when report deadlines approached.
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