Current KNEP Awards

Research Infrastructure Development (RID)

Dr. Sindu Preetham Burugupally, WSU

Dr. Jared Hobeck, KSU
Dr. Christopher Depcik, KU

MICE: A High Powered Density Free Piston Engine
Seed Research Initiation 
(SRI) - 2020

Dr. Zahra Nili Ahmadabadi, WSU

A Cognitive Approach for Localizing Multiple Sound Sources in Noisy and Reverberant Environments
Partnership Development Grant 
(PDG) - 2019

Dr. Wei Wei, WSU

Nano-Engineering Three-Dimensional MoS2/Graphene Composite Materials for Integrated Perovskite Solar Supercapacitor
Partnership Development Grant 
(PDG) - 2019

Dr. Gibum 
Kwon, KSU

Ultrathin, Self-Healable Electrolyte for Solid State Lithium Batteries
Partnership Development Grant 
(PDG) - 2019

Dr. Lisa 
Vangsness, WSU

Situational Factors Affecting Trust and Use of Automated Aerospace Systems
Partnership Development Grant 
(PDG) - 2019

Dr. Jaydip 
Desai, WSU

Development of a Neuro-Virtual Interface System to Evaluate Astronauts' Cognitive Performance in Space
Seed Research Initiation 
(SRI) - 2019

Cooperative Agreement Notice (CAN)


Dr. Atri Dutta, WSU
Dr. Craig McLaughlin, KU
Dr. Arslan Munir, KSU

Artificial Intelligence Assisted Spacecraft Trajectory Optimization and Planning


Dr. Bhisham Sharma, WSU
Dr. Dong Lin, KSU
Dr. Huixuan Wu, KU

Development of Next-Generation Acoustic Liners for Aircraft Engine Noise Reduction


Dr. Gisuk Hwang, WSU
Dr. Xianglin Li, KU
Dr. Amy Betz, KSU

Efficient and Compact Thermal and Water Management Systems using Novel Capillary Structure for Space Technology

Rapid Response Research (R3) and International Space Station 
(ISS)  Flight Opportunity Awards

Dr. Guanghui Wang, KU

An Active Learning Framework for Increasing Generalizability of Machine Learning Models
Rapid Research Response 
(R3) - 2020

Dr. Ali Eslami, WSU

Probabilistic Approach to Reverse Engineering of Spaceflight Molecular Networks
Rapid Research Response 
(R3) - 2020
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